Example shop to show implementation of bepado SDK

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Last update: 2024-02-12 02:36:45 UTC


This repository contains a demo shop with bepado SDK API implemented. It is integrated into a very simple shop system built with Symfony components.

Where to look?

  1. Take a look at the src/QafooLabs/DemoShop/Bepado/SimpleProductFromShop.php and SimpleProductToShop.php files. For an implementation of the two bepado SDK interfaces that you have to do in your own plugin.
  2. The folder src/QafooLabs/DemoShop/Model contains models and services related to the shop system. You will need to take a look at the BasketService.php, ProductConverter.php and ShopProductGateway.php. They contain a lot of the logic and storage related code that is necessary to work with the bepado SDK.
  3. The controller src/QafooLabs/DemoShop/Controller/SdkController.php is an example of how to setup the SDK RPC endpoint.
  4. The controller src/QafooLabs/DemoShop/Controller/ShopController.php contains the category listing, basket listing and checkout with calls to the relevant services invoking bepado SDK code.
  5. The command src/QafooLabs/DemoShopy/Command/CreateProductsCommand.php contains some random product generation code, but also uses the bepado SDK to record exports of products to bepado.


You can install this project via Composer:

composer create-project qafoolabs/bepado-demo-shop

Then you need to copy the "shops.dist.json" to "shops.json" and adjust the data. You need to get in contact with to receive an account and api key on the Test system.

Create a database bepado_demoshop_$shop where $shop is the key in the shops array of your shops.json. Call php src/bin/demoshop demoshop:create-database to create the schema for the database.

To receive some dummy data from a remote shop, call php src/bin/demoshop demoshop:fake-product.

To create some local shop data call php src/bin/demoshop demoshop:create-products.

You can use the builtin server to run the shop:

php -S localhost:8080 web/index.php

Note: The installation and running of this shop is not supported by us. It is just meant to be a helpful resource when implementing your own plugin.