The Missing Front-end for The Missing Laravel Admin.

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The Missing Frontend for The Missing Laravel Admin.

This Laravel package adds frontend views, routes and assets to a Voyager project.

It comes with a basic structure for frontend layouts (eg. header, footer, etc) and theme assets using the Foundation framework.

Built by Pivotal Agency.


  • PHP >= 7.1.3
    • PHP extension sqlite3 (required for teamtnt/tntsearch)
  • Node & NPM
  • Composer
  • Laravel Requirements


1. Install Laravel + Voyager (Replace the $VARs with your own values)

# 1.0 Install Laravel
composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel $DIR_NAME

# 1.1 Require Voyager
cd $DIR_NAME && composer require tcg/voyager

# 1.2 Copy .env.example to .env and update the DB & App URL config
cp .env.example .env

# 1.3 Generate a Laravel key
php artisan key:generate

# 1.4 Install Laravel frontend - Only on Laravel 7+
php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

# 1.5 Run the Voyager Installer
php artisan voyager:install

# 1.6 Create a Voyager Admin User
php artisan voyager:admin $YOUR_EMAIL --create

2. Install Voyager Frontend

# 2.0 Require this Package in your fresh Laravel/Voyager project
composer require pvtl/voyager-frontend

# 2.1 Run the Installer
composer dump-autoload && php artisan voyager-frontend:install

# 2.3 Build the front-end theme assets
npm install
npm run dev

# 2.4 Set the Laravel search driver in your .env
echo "SCOUT_DRIVER=tntsearch" >> .env

Any issues? See the troubleshooting section below.

'Got Cron'?

This is a just a reminder to setup the standard Laravel cron on your server. The Voyager Frontend package has a few scheduled tasks, so relies on the cron running.

* * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Theme Development


When you're ready to start styling your frontend, you can use the following commands after making updates to SCSS and/or JS files:

Command Description
npm run watch Watches your /resources/assets for any changes and builds immediately
npm run dev Builds SCSS/JS on demand
npm run prod Builds SCSS/JS on demand, but this time, outputs minified results

Overriding Views

Let's say you want to update the layout of the frontend header:

  1. Create the directory resources/views/vendor/voyager-frontend
    • Any files you place in here will replace the default views that comes with this package
  2. Copy the respective file from vendor/pvtl/voyager-frontend/resources/views/ (in this case, the partials/header.blade.php) into the matching file structure and update

So now you'll have:


And any changes made to header.blade.php reflect automatically on the site.

Thumbnails / Image Resizing

This package comes with an automatic image resize function. When you reference an image in your front-end blade templates, simply call something like:

{{ imageUrl($pathToImage, $width, $height, $config = ['crop' => false, 'quality' => 100] ) ?: '/default.png' }}

<!-- For example for a 300px wide thumbnail scaled down (i.e. no cropping) -->
<img src="{{ imageUrl($blockData->image, 300, null, ['crop' => false]) ?: '/default.png' }}" />

<!-- Or a 200px by 100px cropped thumbnail -->
<img src="{{ imageUrl($blockData->image, 200, 100) ?: '/default.png' }}" />

"CDN" your images

The function will output an absolute URL, where the hostname will be APP_URL - however you can add a ASSET_URL variable to your .env file to use a different hostname.


Generating Indices

This module contains a scheduled job to regenerate indices which will run automatically once you setup jobs for Laravel. If you need to test and re-generate search indices you can manually run the command php artisan voyager-frontend:generate-search-indices.

Configuring Search (Using Laravel Scout)

By default this module includes "searching" the "Pages" and "Posts" Models out-of-the-box once you have defined the following variable in your .env file - check out the Laravel Scout documentation:


You can however extend and define your own "Searchable" Models to include in your search results by attaching the "Searchable" trait to them.

class Page extends Model
    use Searchable;

    public $asYouType = false;

     * Get the indexed data array for the model.
     * @return array
    public function toSearchableArray()
        $array = $this->toArray();

        // customise the searchable array
        return $array

Then you'll be able to hook into the search config and merge your "Searchable" Models in with the config key (preferably using a Servie Provider): scout.tntsearch.searchableModels.

$this->mergeConfigFrom(self::PACKAGE_DIR . 'path/to/config/scout.php', 'scout.tntsearch.searchableModels');

Your configuration file should contain values similar to this modules scout.php configuration:


return [


You can test the Pvtl/Test package switching to the packages directory and running tests via composer scripts:

  cd packages/pivotal/test;
  composer run test


Error: Class VoyagerFrontendDatabaseSeeder does not exist

Simply run php artisan voyager-frontend:install again

Error: The command "npm i ..." failed.

Run npm install and then try php artisan voyager-frontend:install again