A lightweight framework for intwigation

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A dead simple framework for intwigation

Twiger is a standalone implementation of twig to allow you to integrate your website and make it 100% ready to import in symfony.


To install Twiger just open a terminal and install via composer with : php composer create-project purplebabar/twiger nameOfYourProject. Your server will have to point in your folder, the app.php file will do the rest ;).


In the app/config/config.yml, you can configure the folder where your assets are stored, just fill it with

assets: nameOfYourFolder


Two functions are added to the dafualts functions of twig:


The assets function return the path to the assets folder, just add the end of the path. (ex.: yourassets folder is named *assets*, the functino will return you */assets/*

path(routeName, args)

The path function return the patter of the route filled with the args you gae in args.


Your templates must be located in the src/templates directory


You have different choice regarding the routing. You can either define a controller or a template for direct rendering.


  pattern: /foo
  template: bar

This syntax will render automatically the bar.html.twig template located in your template directory when /foo will be triggered on your server


  pattern: /foo/{bar}
  controller: IndexController::foo

This syntax will call the foo function of your IndexController, located in the src/control of your project.The parameter bar will be transmitted to the function.


Your controllers must be defined as follow :


namespace control;

require_once __DIR__."/../../vendor/autoload.php";

use twiger\Twiger as Twiger;

class IndexController extends Twiger{

	public function foo($bar){

		return $this->render('bar.html.twig', array('bar' => $bar));

That's it, you're ready to use Twiger, make it Roar ;)