This extension allows to define quick edit buttons for page property fields.

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2.0.0 2024-05-07 13:36 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-07 14:19:15 UTC


1. Features

  • Display of a toolbar with edit buttons for defined fields or groups of fields
  • Only the defined fields are displayed in edit mode, all other fields of the page records are not shown
  • Goal: Give editors a better and easier way to edit fields of page records, especially if custom page types are used ( e.g. Events, News, Landingpage,...)

2. Usage

2.1 Installation

Installation using Composer

Run the following composer command:

composer require punktde/quickedit

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension 'quickedit' with the extension manager module.

2.2 Include page TSconfig for default pages (optional)

By including the provided page TSconfig the toolbar will be available for all default page types.

3. Configuration

Example pageTs configuration:

mod {
    web_layout {
        PageTypes {
            // Default Page
            1 {
                config {
                    1 {
                        label = General
                        fields = title, subtitle, slug
                        previewFields = title
                    2 {
                        label = Special
                        fields = hidden, fe_group
                        previewFields = *
  • In mod.web_layout.PageTypes use the ID of a page type to start configuration, e.g. '1' for default pages
  • Inside the 'config' you can define the required button groups ** You need to define a 'label' to display in the backend ** With fields you can define one or multiple fields to edit with this button (e.g: fields=title,subtitle) ** The property 'previewFields' defines which fields should be previewed in the backend. ** If the 'previewFields' should be the same as the defined 'fields' you can use the '*'