TYPO3 extension which supports running db migrations based on doctrine

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1.1 2018-12-21 15:27 UTC

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Last update: 2023-09-22 01:46:00 UTC



  1. Install the extension as usual in TYPO3

  2. Copy the file Configuration.sample.yaml to config/Configuration.yaml where config is on the same level as your document root.

  3. Double check that migrations_directory contains valid relative paths from the document root to your folders which contain the migrations.

Running commands

Run TYPO3_CONTEXT=current_context ./migrate migrations:cmd in bin folder.

current_context has to be the context node name from your configuration file. F.e. Development/Vagrant. cmd can currently be status, migrate or version.

List all commands

Run TYPO3_CONTEXT=current_context ./migrate list in bin folder.

Show migration status

Run TYPO3_CONTEXT=current_context ./migrate migrations:status in bin folder.

How to run a migration

Run TYPO3_CONTEXT=current_context ./migrate migrations:migrate in bin folder.

How to add or delete version of migration table

Run TYPO3_CONTEXT=current_context ./migrate migrations:version in bin folder.

Further resources