Synchronize Elasticsearch indices from a remote Neos instance to local

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ElasticSync Schema

The package uses elasticsearch-dump to sync data from a remote Elasticsearch instance to local. If you are already using a tool to sync the database and assets from a remote Neos instance to your local dev instance, you can now also copy the needed Elasticsearch indices. That saves a lot of time needed otherwise for local indexing, especially on large projects.

How the package works:

  1. It gathers the Elasticsearch sync configuration from the remote server
  2. Establishs a ssh tunnel to the remote server and syncs the index mapping, data and aliases through it


Install the package via composer

composer require punktde/elastic-sync

Install the required JavaScript library:

(cd Packages/Application/PunktDe.Elastic.Sync/Resources/Private/Library && npm install)


You can add several presets. A preset consists of three parts


Configures how the remote server and the remote installation can be reached.


Describes how the Elasticsearch server instance can be reached. For the remote instance, the config is fetched from there.


Several indices to be fetched can be defined. The index name can contain '*' to define a group of indices:

Example for cloning the content repository indices for all content dimensions, including all aliases:

    indexName: 'neos*' 


./flow elastic:sync <preset>