PHP Library for interacting with Mojang authentication servers

1.0.2 2016-06-22 15:16 UTC



PHP Library for interacting with Mojang authentication servers.


Using composer add it to your requirements section:

    "require-dev": {
        "publicuhc/php-yggdrasil": "dev-master"


First you need to get hold of a Yggdrasil instance, the only choice right now is DefaultYggdrasil

$yggdrasil = new DefaultYddrasil();

You can also pass the username/clientToken/accessToken in the constructor if needed, or alternatively use the setter methods.

You can then use the Yggdrasil instance to query against the server:

//set the username

//authenticate with the password, sets accessToken/clientToken on success

$clientToken = $yggdrasil->getClientToken();
$accessToken = $yggdrasil->getAccessToken();

Error Checking

All API functions can throw the following:


Thrown when the mojang servers returned errors for the request, the short error can be found at $ex->getShortMessage(), the full message can get found at $ex->getMessage(), and the cause (if set) can be found at $ex->getCause()


Thrown when an API method was called and certain parameters were not set yet. e.g.

//username not set yet
$yg = new DefaultYggdrasil();

//will throw InvalidParameterException due to username not being set


//will run correctly