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This is a user module for Anax. With this you can handle the users stored in your database. And validate a user and login the user.

You can also create new users, edit users and delete users.


This installation depends on a working db object loaded into DI. Which means you need to already have a configured database that is loaded into the DI-container.

You also need the session loaded into the DI-container.

With these dependencies taken care off you can continue by installing the module through composer by running the following command.

composer require ptorn/user

After the ptorn/user module is downloaded into your vendor-folder by running the command above we can start copying the needed files.


The route file /vendor/ptorn/bth-anax-user/config/route/userController.php needs to be copied into /config/route/ This way the new routes will be automaticly loaded with all the other routes.


Now we need to add the module to the DI-container. Copy /vendor/ptorn/bth-anax-user/config/di-user.php into /config/di/


Now we need a table in the database to store the users. In /config/sql/setup.sql you will find the query needed to setup your database table. Don't forget to set your own database in the setup.sql


The last step is to copy the views from /vendor/ptorn/user/bth-anax-user/view/user/ into /view/

Autoload Namespace

Add this to your composer.json "autoload": { "psr-4": { "Peto16\\": "src/", "testing\\": "test/src/" }


Once installation is done there will be some new routes available. /user/login /user/logout /user/create /user/delete/{Id}


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Peder Tornberg (