PHP REST API Framework

v4.0.1 2018-12-16 20:32 UTC



PSX is a framework written in PHP dedicated to build REST APIs. It is based on multiple components which cover many aspects of the API lifecycle. These components are independent of the framework and can also be used in another context. The following list contains the most notable packages:

  • psx/api Parse and generate API specification formats (i.e. OpenAPI, RAML)
  • psx/data Data processing library to read and write POPOs in different formats
  • psx/schema Parse and generate data schema formats (i.e. JsonSchema)
  • psx/sql Build complex data structures from relational databases
  • psx/framework Engine of the PSX framework

More informations about the PSX framework and the components at


>= PHP 7.0


To install the full stack framework you can install the sample project which creates a basic PSX project with a sample API.

php composer.phar create-project psx/sample .

you can also download the current release from GitHub which already includes all vendor libraries in case you can not use composer


For documentation please take a look at or the official manual

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