Enable/revert the features from the profile "*.info" file or file, that stored in "sites/default/".

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Last update: 2020-08-10 12:08:08 UTC


Did you have a situation when your Drupal project contains a lot of features that need to be reverted after the regular code deployment? The drush upcs command is enabled/reverted the necessary modules/features.

To let the command know what should be checked, a special file in "sites/default" that named "" should be created. Also, the contents of that file can be placed into an installation profile "*.info" file and described previous step can be ommited.

Example of contents from "*.info" file:

; Features
components[] = feature_name

; Modules
components[] = module_name


Enable or revert all modules or features if it necessary.

drush upcs


You can just execute the drush dl update_project_components_statuses and Drush download the package into your ~/.drush folder.

Another way to install this command - is manually download the sources and place it into ~/.drush folder by yourself.