Prooph LINK module that connects SQL tables

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SQL connector module for prooph LINK

Table Connector

The sql connector module let you read data from a table into a Processing\Type\Type or write data coming from a Processing\Type\Type into a table. Such a preconfigured table connection can be used in a workflow process either as source or target.

TableRow and Collection Types

When connecting a table via the sql connector configurator (accessible from the dashboard) two Processing\Type\Type classes are created automatically. You can find them in the directory <link root>/data/Application/DataType/SqlConnector/<your database>. One class represents a single row of the table. It is named like the table. the other class represents a collection of table rows and is named like the table with the suffix Collection. The table row class contains information about the columns of the table. Columns are mapped to properties with a corresponding Processing\Type\SingleValue type. With the help of these auto generated types prooph/processing can handle data coming from a database table like any other processing data.

Reading Data

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Full Import

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Partial Import

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Insert Or Replace

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