File i/o support for prooph LINK

v0.2.3 2015-05-12 11:59 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-16 23:55:24 UTC


File connector module for prooph LINK

Import and Export

The file connector module provides a workflow message handler which is capable of reading a Processing\Type\Type from file or write it to a file. Out of the box the module supports the file types CSV and JSON but you can add other file type handlers by implementing the FileTypeAdapter interface and adding the adapter via configuration to the list of supported file types. See the comments in the module.config.php for details.


The module adds a widget to the dashboard which provides access to a file connector configurator. With the help of the configurator you can set up different preconfigured connectors that can be used in workflow processes as source or target workflow message handlers depending on the scope you've defined the configurator.

  • Import Scope = available as a source
  • Export Scope = available as a target

File Locations

The file connector works only with predefined locations. A default prooph LINK application has two locations defined in the configuration file <link root>/config/autoload/global.php:

return [
    'locations' => [
        'inbox'  => __DIR__ . '/../../data/inbox',
        'outbox' => __DIR__ . '/../../data/outbox',

By default import files are read from the inbox and exports are written to the outbox.



You wanna help us? Great! We appreciate any help, be it on implementation level, UI improvements, testing, donation or simply trying out the system and give us feedback. Just leave us a note in our google group linked above and we can discuss further steps.

Thanks, your prooph team