Icecat PHP API Library

1.0.2 2022-04-14 11:16 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-05-12 11:54:58 UTC


Icecat is a PHP library, that assists you in the following 2 procedures:

  • Fetching data from the Icecat database using basic product information.
  • Parsing this data from the Icecat response, and using them in real life applications.


  • trim() vendor and sku/mpn values

About Icecat

Icecat is an open catalog, providing free access to thousands of product datasheets. In extend, when taking a subscription, the amount of accessible datasheets are increased.

There is a list of Icecat sponsor brands.


The library can be installed using composer:

"progcode/icecat-api": "dev-master"


The class library is, in it's current state easy to be used.


The Icecat class is responsible for parsing the data. It includes a few basic methods, but you can easily create your own implementation by implementing the IcecatInterface interface.

// Use the class.
use Src\Icecat\Api;

$icecat = new Api(getenv('ICEACAT_USER'), getenv('ICEACAT_PASS'));
$xml = $icecat->getArticleByMPN('Hewlett Packard Enterprise', '838079-B21', 'HU');
$productDataArray = $icecat->xml2array($xml);

$productData = $icecat->getProductData($productDataArray);

Demo is soon available.