v5.0.1 2014-05-16 13:54 UTC


I have stopped development of this library due to the limitations in the PHP language.

If you are interested in my work in signal processing I will be releasing a successor to this library sometime in the future in a more suitable language.


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PHP Signal and Event Library.

XPSPL is a high-performance event loop that supports the following event types,

  • Signals
  • Timers
  • I/O (Asynchronous)
  • Complex Signals
  • Idle

The best way to think of XPSPL is as a libevent and libev library only written in PHP and much less mature.

I/O Poll Support

Currently the only supported polling mechnanism is select.


XPSPL is installed using composer.

  'require': {
    'prggmr\xpspl': 'v5.0.0'


XPSPL's documentation is available at


Threads are currently being experimented with using the pthreads PHP extension.