Splits phpunit tests

dev-main 2023-10-17 01:14 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-17 02:26:15 UTC


Allows you to split your PHPUnit tests by timings.


Generate a timing file:

phpunit --cache-result --results-files=.phpunit.cache/test-results*

List your tests:

phpunit --list-tests-xml=tests.xml 

This generates an XML file with a list of tests. You can add --testsuite to limit the tests to a specific suite.

Split the tests in 2 groups and get the first group (0):

phpunit-splitter 2 0 --tests-file=tests.xml --results-files=.phpunit.cache/test-results*

Split the tests in 4 groups and get the third group (2):

phpunit-splitter 4 2 --tests-file=tests.xml --results-files=.phpunit.cache/test-results*

Pass the results to PHPUnit:

./phpunit-splitter 2 0 --tests-file=tests/fixtures/tests.xml --results-files=.phpunit.cache/test-results* | xargs ./vendor/bin/phpunit 

Output the test list as JSON:

./phpunit-splitter 2 0 --json --tests-file=tests/fixtures/tests.xml --results-files=.phpunit.cache/test-results*