Send messages to your Slack webhook with the Contao Notification Center

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Last update: 2022-05-12 23:23:00 UTC


This extension adds a Slack gateway to your Contao installation with Contao Notification Center by terminal42.

The Slack gateway lets you receive messages in your Teams Slack channel – just like Emails with the regular Email gateway, but who wants to receive more Emails anyways, right?


Currently this extension supports standard messages, i.e. you define a simple text message and you may use simple tokens to output form data. You may send these to any #channel or @username in your Slack team.

The more advanced messages with attachements will be part of a future release of this extension.

How to setup

  1. First you need to install this extension to your Contao CMS project:

    composer require presprog/contao-slack-notification

    This will install the latest version of this extension, and – if not already installed – the Navigation Center itself.

  2. Second you need to setup a Slack webhook. Login to your Slack team admin page at and navigate to Menu > Customize Apps > Custom Integrations > Incoming Webhooks.

  3. Add a new webhook and define its username, set an icon or emoji as avatar and select a default channel. You may overwrite channel and username later from within the Notification Center. Pay attention to the webhook url as you will need it in the next step.

  4. Back to your Contao project, you need to add a Slack gateway. Most importantly, add the Webhook url from the previous step. Optionally, you may overwrite the default channel here.

  5. You can now use the Slack gateway in a notification, e.g. a new member registration, a form submission, a newsletter signup etc.

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