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Library that provides a method to fancy manipulate an array

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Library that provides a method to fancy manipulate an array

📋 Table of Contents

📖 Introduction

The evil PHP array functions give developers the pain of:

  • Some functions requires array first, but some functions require array last...
  • Some functions returns result, but some functions modify referenced variables...
  • Code was line-break because since it is a function...
  • Each function has different parameters to the callback function...
  • No modern functions using arrays. Such as every, some

I created this library to solve these problems and make code flow like js-array

For a detailed description, Click here (GitBook)

📦 Downloads:

1. Modern PHP developer

You can use this library with composer.

2. PMMP plguin developer

You can use this library with poggit.

📝 License

You can check out the full license here

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license