Adaptive Bitrate Streaming using Mediaelement.js with MPEG-DASH and HLS manifests

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Adaptive Bitrate Streaming using Mediaelement.js with MPEG-DASH and HLS manifests

Contao-Extension for Contao 4


When using this extension the js_medialement_dash template has to be included in the layout.

You should not use both, j_medialement and js_medialement_dash, at the same time.

When more than one video source is provided the following order is applied: mpd, m3u8, mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, webm, ogv.



  • Create a new content element ABR - Streaming
  • Add MPEG-Dash manifests (e.g. playlist.mpd)
  • Add HLS manifests (e.g. playlist.m3u8)
  • Add fallback videos (e.g. mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, webm, ogv)

Mediaelement.js Plugin

With this extension it is possible to include the feature qualityselection. This allows the user to switch between video quality levels:

var player = new MediaElementPlayer(e[i], {
    features: ['playpause', 'current', 'progress', 'duration', 'volume', 'qualityselection', 'fullscreen']


Example DASH Content Generation

# 1080p - 4800k bitrate
x264 --output intermediate_4800k.264 --fps 24 --preset slow \
--bitrate 4800 --vbv-maxrate 9600 --vbv-bufsize 19200 --min-keyint 96 --keyint 96 \
--scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --video-filter "resize:width=1920,height=1080" input.mp4
# 720p - 2400k bitrate
x264 --output intermediate_2400k.264 --fps 24 --preset slow \
--bitrate 2400 --vbv-maxrate 4800 --vbv-bufsize 9600 --min-keyint 96 --keyint 96 \
--scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --video-filter "resize:width=1280,height=720" input.mp4
# 540p - 1400k bitrate
x264 --output intermediate_1400k.264 --fps 24 --preset slow \
--bitrate 1400 --vbv-maxrate 2800 --vbv-bufsize 5600 --min-keyint 96 --keyint 96 \
--scenecut 0 --no-scenecut --pass 1 --video-filter "resize:width=960,height=540" input.mp4
# AAC audio only - 128k bitrate
ffmpeg -y -threads 0 -i input.mp4 -vn -c:a aac -b:a 128k audio_128k.m4a

#add created raw videos to mp4 containers
MP4Box -add intermediate_4800k.264 -fps 24 intermediate_4800k.mp4
MP4Box -add intermediate_2400k.264 -fps 24 intermediate_2400k.mp4
MP4Box -add intermediate_1400k.264 -fps 24 intermediate_1400k.mp4

# Create MPEG-DASH files
MP4Box -dash 4000 -frag 4000 -rap -segment-name '$RepresentationID$/segment_' -url-template -out playlist.mpd \
intermediate_4800k.mp4:id=1080 intermediate_2400k.mp4:id=720 intermediate_1400k.mp4:id=540 audio.m4a:id=audio

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