Shopware Integration for TYPO3

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Shopware Integration for TYPO3

This extension connects Shopware with TYPO3 CMS. It retrieves data from shopware REST API and provides many frontend plugins to show or list shopware data like articles, categories, etc on your TYPO3 website.

The extension was build from scratch and is based on a clean extensible architecture. Extbase and Fluid were used for the implementation of the frontend plugins. Shopware data will be cached via TYPO3`s caching framework to prevent multiple uneccessary API-Calls and also boost up the frontend rendering.

To get access to all features you have to install our shopware plugin "TYPO3-Connector" on your shop instance. Get it here for free. Otherwise your extension some features are not available or limited.

The complete documentation could be found here


  • André Wuttig - Initial work - aWuttig
  • Thomas Griessbach - Solr Integration - tgriessbach
  • Sascha Nowak - Notification Feature, Cache Invalidation, Bugfixes - nlx-sascha

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.