This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the flowpack/neos-matomo package instead.

Track visits of your Neos site with Piwik Analytics!

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Track visits of your Neos site with Piwik Analytics!

This package integrates Piwik Analytics into Neos.


  • adds a Backend Module to your Neos instance which helps hooking up a Piwik host and selecting a site for tracking
  • adds a tab to the Property Inspector, which shows time, device, OS and browser related statistics collected by Piwik

Inspired by the packages neos/neos-googleanalytics and khuppenbauer/MapSeven.Piwik.


Piwk - Liberating Analytics http://piwik.org/


  • cURL php extension for api calls
  • Neos CMS >= 3.0
  • A Piwik instance that is reachable via https
  • A Neos Backend User with the Role Neos.Neos:Administrator


Run the following command

	$ composer require portachtzig/neos-piwik


After the package has been installed, there will be an additional Backend Module in Neos, called "Piwik". Depending on your current FLOW_CONTEXT you might want to flush the cache.


To connect Neos with your Piwik installation you just have to enter your hostname and token_auth in the Backend Module and select the site you created in Piwik to track your user's statistics.

  • Host You can skip the protocol prefix, because https is forced here, since the authentication token is an URL parameter.

  • Token You have to enter a valid auth token of a Piwik superuser, because only superusers can list and edit sites in Piwik.

  • Piwik Site to use for this Neos installation After the connection has been established, the form will provide you with a site select box.

Additionally you will be able to edit basic settings of all your Piwik sites.

Additional features

Tracking Opt-Out content element

This package provides a small configurable iframe content element for Neos which allows users to manually opt out of the tracking if "Do-Not-Track" is not enabled in their browser. The content of the iframe is loaded from the configured tracking host.


Portachtzig Neos Piwik Package is released under the GPL v3 (or later) license.


Christian Richter chri@portachtzig.com Sarah Rehbock sar@portachtzig.com


site settings

Piwik site settings in Neos

visist per day / last week

Backend view with selected Piwik Panel in the Property Inspector

visist per day / last week

visits per day in the last month

visist per day / last week

visits per day in the last week

hits all time

all time visits and page views (hits) of the selected page

visist per day / last week

visits per browser (all time)

visist per os

visits per os (all time)

visist per os

visits per device category (all time)