Library for querying the Apple iTunes Store

v0.4.1 2013-06-15 20:55 UTC


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PondTunes is a PHP 5.3+ library to query the Apple iTunes Store. It is the successor of https://github.com/daFish/Zend_Service_Itunes.

This library is still under development but feel free to contribute in any way.


Add PondTunes to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "pond/tunes": "*"

Use PondTunes?

Basic example of querying the Apple iTunes Store API:


use Pond\Tunes\Search;
use Pond\Tunes\Tunes;
use HttpAdapter\CurlHttpAdapter;

$httpAdapter = new CurlHttpAdapter();

$search = new Search($httpAdapter);
$search->setTerms('angry birds')
       ->setEntity(array(Tunes::MEDIATYPE_SOFTWARE => 'software'));

$result = $search->request();

$result contains the result in JSON. You can easily return this result in any AJAX-request.