Pollen Solutions - Pagination Component - Layer and utilities to paginate items in web applications

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Pollen Solutions Pagination Component provides layer and utilities to paginate items in web applications. It provides an adapter for Wordpress application.


composer require pollen-solutions/pagination

Basic Usage

use Pollen\Pagination\PaginationManager;
use Pollen\Pagination\Paginator;

$pagination = new PaginationManager();
$paginator = new Paginator(
        'per_page' => 20,
        'total'    => 60,



echo $pagination;

Wordpress Usage

In this example, we consider that the current HTTP request corresponds to a search results page. ex. https://example.com/?s=a

use Pollen\Pagination\PaginationManager;

add_action('wp', function () {
    echo new PaginationManager();

Through a controller