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Deployer tasks for Point Blue apps

1.2.12 2018-11-16 07:47 UTC


Supporting deployer tasks


This will install the package globally

composer global require pointblue/deployer


  1. Edit the php.ini for your command line environment at /etc/php/VERSION/cli/php.ini where VERSION is something like 5.6 or 7.2.
    Find out your php cli version with php --version
  2. Find composer's global path with composer config --list --global and find the property [home]. Append /vendor to this property and use this path for the next step.
  3. Update include_path by appending the global composer's vendor path to the end of the string as :/home/user/.config/composer/vendor and save the file.
    Example: include_path = ".:/usr/share/php:/home/ubuntu/.config/composer/vendor".



To use the deployer tasks, just require the tasks in your deployer.php file at the top, but after other required files.


//deployer's common tasks
require 'recipe/common.php';

//Point Blue's deployter tasks
require 'pointblue/deployer/common-tasks.php';

Next, add the hooks need for the tasks to run:

//right before release, call the point blue deployer hooks
after('deploy:clear_paths', 'deploy:pb_deployer_post_hook');


To test commands without running them on the target server, use the --pb-test option.


dep deploy:symlink_envs aws --pb-test -vvv

This will run the deploy:symlink_envs task with the aws stage settings from the servers.yml file and print the symlink commands in the console instead of running them on the server. This will let you test your configurations before deploying.

servers.yml variables

Some additional variables can be added to your hosts definition in the servers.yml file.

env_symlinks - see deploy:symlink_envs in common-tasks.php
update_autoload_classmap - see deploy:update_autoload_classmap in common-tasks.php


Please see the source code for task names and their use