Pneuma Template Application

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5.3.2 2024-01-21 14:33 UTC


Composer update

docker run --rm -v .:/app composer up

Create and start containers

docker-compose up -d --build

Stop and remove containers, networks

docker-compose down

Execute a command in a running container

docker exec -it pneuma-php /bin/bash

Running local test

  • docker run --rm -v .:/pneuma -w /pneuma php:cli-alpine php vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR1,PSR2,PSR12 app cgi cli test
  • docker run --rm -v .:/pneuma -w /pneuma php:cli-alpine php vendor/bin/phpstan analyse -c phpstan.neon
  • docker run --rm -v .:/pneuma -w /pneuma php:cli-alpine php vendor/bin/phpunit