This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the msp/twofactorauth package instead.

Two Factor Authentication for Magento 2 Admin

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Two Factor Authentication to the Magento 2 admin panel using Google Authenticator

Server Time

It's extremely important that you keep your server time in sync with some NTP server.


In your Magento 2 base directory run:
composer require pmclain/magento2-tfa
bin/magento setup:upgrade

  • TFA must be enabled by the individual user by clicking 'Account Setting(user)' in the Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Once there, the user is able to enable the two factor authentication and view the QR code for a Google Authenticator compatible application.
  • Users with TFA enabled will not be able to log into the admin panel without a valid authentication code input on the Magento 2 admin login page.
  • Users with TFA disabled can leave the 'Authenticator Code' field blank during login.

Console Commands

TFA can be disabled using console commands if needed:

Disable TFA For All Admin Users

bin/magento pmclain:tfa:disable

Disable TFA For Single Admin User (by email)

bin/magento pcmlain:tfa:disable

Magento Version Compatibility

Release Magento Version
1.1.x 2.2.x
1.0.x 2.1.x
1.0.x 2.0.x

Google Authenticator Apps:

To use the two factor authentication, your user will have to install a Google Authenticator compatible app, below are some currently available:


Open Software License v3.0