Used for integrating with the Zendesk API

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1.0.0 2013-12-04 01:52 UTC


A) Download PMUtilZendeskBundle

Using composer

Simply run assuming you have installed composer.phar or composer binary:

$ composer require pm/util-zendesk-bundle

B) Enable the bundle

Enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new PM\Util\ZendeskBundle\PMUtilZendeskBundle,

That's it!

Step 2: Adding configuration

A) Add the required configuration parameters to config.yml

  api_url: <the zendesk url for your account>
  api_key: <your zendesk api key>
  api_user: <your zendesk api user>