PlumDate provides date and time converters for Plum.

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PlumDate provides date and time converters for Plum. Plum is a data processing pipeline for PHP.

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Developed by Florian Eckerstorfer in Vienna, Europe.


You can install PlumDate using Composer.

$ composer require plumphp/plum-date


Please refer to the Plum documentation for more information.

Currently PlumDate contains converters to convert strings and timestamps into DateTime objects and to convert DateTime objects into strings and timestamps and filters to detect whether a date is before or after a certain point in time.





Plum\PlumDate\DateTimeToStringConverter converts a DateTime object into a string. The format of the string has to be passed to the constructor.

use Plum\PlumDate\DateTimeToStringConverter;

$converter = new DateTimeToStringConverter('y-m-d H:i:s');
$converter->convert(new DateTime()); // -> e.g., "2015-10-21 19:28:00"


Plum\PlumDate\DateTimeToTimestampConverter converts a DateTime object into a timestamp.

use Plum\PlumDate\DateTimeToTimestampConverter;

$converter = new DateTimeToTimestampConverter();
$converter->convert(new DateTime()); // -> e.g., 1445448480


Plum\PlumDate\StringToDateTimeConverter takes a string and returns a DateTime object. The constructor takes an optional DateTimeZone object that is passed to the DateTime constructor.

use Plum\PlumDate\StringToDateTimeConverter;

$converter = new StringToDateTimeConverter();
$converter->convert('2015-10-21 19:28:00'); // -> DateTime

$converter = new StringToDateTimeConverter(new DateTimeZone('Europe/Vienna'));
$converter->convert('2015-10-21 19:28:00'); // -> DateTime


Plum\PlumDate\TimestampToDateTimeConverter takes a timestamp and returns a DateTime object. An instance of DateTimeZone can be passed to the constructor, which will be used to instantiate the DateTime object.

use Plum\PlumDate\TimestampToDateTimeConverter;

$converter = new TimestampToDateTimeConverter();
$converter->convert(1445448480); // -> DateTime

$converter = new TimestampToDateTimeConverter(new DateTimeZone('Europe/Vienna'));
$converter->convert(1445448480); // -> DateTime


Plum\PlumDate\AfterFilter returns true for all dates that are after a given date.

use Plum\PlumDate\AfterFilter;

$filter = new AfterFilter(new DateTime('2015-10-21 19:28'));
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2015-10-26 21:00')); // -> true
$filter->filter(new DateTime('1955-11-12 18:38')); // -> false

// Same date as in constructor:
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2015-10-21 19:28')); // -> false


Plum\PlumDate\BeforeFilter returns true for all dates that are before a given date.

use Plum\PlumDate\BeforeFilter;

$filter = new BeforeFilter(new DateTime('2015-10-21 19:28'));
$filter->filter(new DateTime('1955-11-12 18:38')); // -> true
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2015-10-26 21:00')); // -> false

// Same date as in constructor:
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2015-10-21 19:28')); // -> false


Plum\PlumDate\RangeFilter returns true for all dates that lie within a given range of dates.

use Plum\PlumDate\AfterFilter;

$filter = new AfterFilter(new DateTime('2000-01-01 00:00:00'), new Date('2009-12-31 23:59:59'));
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2005-07-07 12:00:00')); // -> true
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2015-10-21 19:28:00')); // -> false

// Same date as in start or end date:
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2000-01-01 00:00:00')); // -> true
$filter->filter(new DateTime('2009-12-31 23:59:59')); // -> true

Change Log

Version 0.1 (23 October 2015)

  • Initial release


The MIT license applies to plumphp/plum-date. For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file distributed with this source code.