Web application for managing databases

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SQL Web Manger

Minimalist SQL IDE



SQLWebManager is a web application for managing your MySQL, Oracle and SQLServer databases build on PHP.

System requirements

SQLWebManager Framework requires PHP 5.6 or later; we recommend using the latest PHP version whenever possible.


You can install SQLWebManager via composer. A copy of composer.phar is given with the lastest version of SQLWebManager. Run the following command in your shell.

php composer.phar install

Go to install/scripts/ and execute the script mysql.sql, oracle.sql or sqlsever.sql depending of your choice. Then set the database connection on config/database.config.php. The following is the schema of the database file.

return [
    'default' => [
       'dbname' => '',
       'dbuser' => '',
       'dbpass' => '',
       'dbhost' => 'localhost',
       'driver' => '',            // database driver
       'dbchar' => 'utf8'

Set the following driver depeding your choice.

Engine Driver
mysql Mysqli
oracle Oci8
sqlserver Sqlsrv

If you install the application in the root of your server, change the folling line on config/application.config.php

        'base_path' => (dirname(dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) == "/") ? "" : dirname(dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])),


        'base_path' => (dirname(dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])) == "/") ? "" : "",


The SQLWebManager IDE is open-source software licensed under the MIT license.