Self-Hosted profile page for your Open Source packages & contributions

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Self-Hosted profile page for your Open Source packages & contributions.



The general idea of this project is to have one place with all Open Source packages and contributions of a person.

There are several platforms to host Open Source projects like GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Sourceforge & Launchpad, and they all have fancy user profile pages. They are isolated however. On BitBucket I can't showcase the one project I maintain on GitLab only. The GitHub activity stream won't show contributions to Launchpad. Let alone projects with self-hosted Git servers.

This creates a vendor lock-in. Which becomes obious when you search for Open Source Software catalogues, contributions, or statistics. Most support GitHub only.


  • List of all projects and packages of a person
  • List of contributions of a person (issues, merge requests, commits)
  • List of packages a person likes (starred projects)
  • Highlight packages - Show most important projects at a glance
  • Hide packages - Don't show the packages generated automatically by subsplits, forks or mirrors
  • Support for multiple Git hosting services (not just GitHub)
  • Link mirrors - Git supports multiple remotes, no need to limit to one repository host only
  • Reduced UI (no platform specific buttons)

The package follows the KISS principle.


The package is only prototype right now, to go through the idea.

Next steps:

  • Add a framework like Slim or Symfony and a template engine
  • Add more metadata to projects and user
  • Add a tool to initiate the project list
  • Fetch contributions
  • Fetch metadata (only overwrite fields like description)
  • Make the output static (to deploy to Static Hosts)


  • PHP


Packagist Entry https://packagist.org/packages/pixelbrackets/open-source-profile/

  • Point your webserver to the web directory
  • Copy data/projects.template.json to data/projects.json and add links to all your repositories
  • Copy data/user.template.json to data/user.json and add your username



Mirror https://github.com/pixelbrackets/open-source-profile/


🚀 https://opensource.pixelbrackets.de/


The data directory holds all necessary information to generate the view.


GNU General Public License version 2 or later

The GNU General Public License can be found at http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.


Dan Untenzu (mail@pixelbrackets.de / @pixelbrackets)




This script is Open Source, so please use, patch, extend or fork it.

Contributions are welcome!