Create simple survey. View results in the BE module

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v2.0.0 2022-04-28 10:47 UTC


Provide plugin to create surveys to gather user experience information and backend plugin to view results.

Getting started

  • Install extension
  • Include static TypoScript


  • Go to list module view
  • Choose folder storage
  • Create new survey record
    • Fill in survey fields
  • On "Questions" tab add questions
  • Each question has next options:
    • Type:
      • Radio button. Use in case if user should choose only one option
      • Checkboxes if multiple answer allowed
      • Free input field
    • Is question required
    • Free input field type
    • List of answers
  • Create answers for each question
  • Survey is ready

Plugin usage

  • Create page that'll contain plugin
  • Add new content element, go to "Plugins" tab and choose "Simple survey"
    • Choose survey from storage
    • Choose plugin mode, either "show survey" or "survey results".
    • Show all questions at once - show questions step by step or all
    • Allow/Disallow user to take part in survey more than once
    • Protect with reCAPTCHA
    • Add message displayed when user has finished survey

Module usage

  • In "Web" section choose "Survey Analysis" module
  • Choose storage folder
  • Find your survey and check analysis Data or export in CSV