Staq is a small PHP framework for an enjoyable web development

v0.7.0 2015-06-08 17:23 UTC


Staq is a modern & innovative PHP framework for enjoyable web development.

  1. Features
  2. Let's code
  3. How to Install
  4. How to Contribute
  5. Author & Community


Staq contains all the expected features : Extensible structure, routing, ORM, templating & pre-coded applications ( Planned ).
It mainly contains a new object pattern, the stack, for low dependency, high extensible & enjoyable development !

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Let's code

Hello world tutorial

require_once( 'vendor/Elephant418/staq/src/include.php' );

\Staq\App::create( )
    ->addController( '/hello/:name', function( $name ) {
        return 'Hello ' . $name;
    } )
    ->run( );

Hello world projects

You can use the Hello World projects to bootstrap an application:

System Requirements

You need PHP >= 5.4 and some happiness.

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How to Install

If you don't have composer, you have to install it.

Add or complete the composer.json file at the root of your repository, like this :

    "require": {
        "Elephant418/staq": "0.6.0"

Staq can now be downloaded via composer.

The framework and the extensions work with the composer autoload:

require_once( './vendor/autoload.php' );

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How to Contribute

  1. Fork the Staq repository
  2. Create a new branch for each feature or improvement
  3. Send a pull request from each feature branch to the develop branch

If you don't know much about pull request, you can read the Github article.

All pull requests must follow the PSR2 standard and be accompanied by passing phpunit tests.

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Author & Community

Staq is under MIT License.
It is created and maintained by Thomas ZILLIOX.
If you have a question, you can send a message to the community via the mailing list.
If you are curious on the next features, you can see my trello board.

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