A shitty profiler for Laravel.

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1.1.4 2014-07-27 15:12 UTC


A shitty profiler for Laravel. It only shows some quick and dirty stats, but it's unobtrusive and easy to configure.


Add the following to your composer.json file:


Then, run composer update or composer install if you haven't already installed any packages.

While you're waiting, add the following line to the providers array in app/config/app.php:


And the profiler is installed.


While your app is in debug mode simply add the ?profile query string to the URL of the request that you wish to inspect, and the usual output will be replaced with the profiler view.

Custom Markers

To measure time from the application start up to a certain point add the following marker in your code:


It is also possible to measure time between two markers:

// Some code