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This library aims to make developer's life easier while trying to parse the HTML contents.


At the moment, Munchitos currently have these features:

  • Returns the title of the page.
  • Extract Links and Images from the contents.
  • Detects meta description.
  • Gives the canonical URL, if present.
  • List every linked stylesheet.
  • Detects the charset encoding.

In the future, Munchitos aims to support:

  • Semantic microformat.

How to install

Composer is the easier way, just add the library to the dependancies:

  "require": {
    "piradoiv/munchitos": "dev-master"

Remember to call composer install or composer update after adding composer.json file. There are loads of information about setting up Composer on your project.

Munchitos goal isn't to download the HTML itself, so I recommend to also install a cURL wrapper, like shuber/curl.

How to use

// First you'll have to load composer and create
// a Munchitos instance.
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
$munchitos = new PiradoIV\Munchitos\Munchitos;

// Optionally but definitely you want to do it,
// set the source URL from where you downloaded
// the HTML contents.

// Fill it with the HTML
$html = '<html><body><p>Hello World!</p></body></html>';

// And start calling any information you need.
echo $munchitos->title();


Returns the title of the page, trimming the spaces.


If there is any meta description tag, it returns its contents.


Some websites specifies a canonical URL, there you go.


Returns a list (if any) of stylesheets urls used on current HTML.


Searchs for the charset tag and returns it content.


Returns an array of Link instances. Link class contains these helpful methods:

  • href()
  • title()
  • target()
  • isNoFollow() / isFollow()


Returns an array of Image instances. Like with Link class, it includes some methods:

  • altText() or alt()
  • src()
  • isLinked()


I want to thank the Open Source community, specially Composer guys, Symfony libraries and the PHP League for their project template.


Simply send a pull request, but please ensure your code doesn't breaks the tests and it's written with the PSR-2 coding style.


I'm @PiradoIV on Twitter, give me a shout if you need a hand with this library.