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Focus of this library is to make it easier to manage elastic indices (wit mappings / settings), create reusable query building (manual or from request).

  • Adds ability to manage elasticsearch indices with wrapper class which will help to you create/update index write documents (with bulk mode) etc.
  • Adds ability to create a query builder with query filters for each index.
  • Adds ability to build a query builder from request data (reusable component).


  • Composer
  • PHP 7.4+


1. Add custom repository to composer.json

"repositories": {
        "type": "git",
        "url": "https://github.com/pionl/elasticsearch-query-builder.git"

2. Install via composer

composer require pion/laravel-lelastico

3. Add the service provider (Laravel 5.4 and below - supports Auto discovery)




Set elastic hosts

For development, you can use default value in the config without password: localhost:9200

Use ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS environment for setting elastic search hosts. Format.

Resolve elastic search client

$client = resolve(\Elasticsearch\Client::class);
$client = $container->make(\Elasticsearch\Client::class);

Mapping types constants

Property mappings types using constants like:

  • MappingTypes::KEYWORD
  • MappingTypes::TEXT
  • MappingTypes::TEXT_WITH_KEYWORD
  • MappingTypes::SHORT
  • MappingTypes::SHORT_WITH_KEYWORD
  • MappingTypes::LONG
  • MappingTypes::LONG_WITH_KEYWORD
  • MappingTypes::INTEGER
  • MappingTypes::DATE
  • MappingTypes::BOOLEAN
  • MappingTypes::FLOAT
  • MappingTypes::textWithAnalyzer(string $analyzer, string $searchAnalyzer), builds

Adding indices

  1. Create your indices by extending AbstractElasticIndex and implementing createIndexName for elastic index

    • Implement propertyMappings for custom mappings.
    protected function propertyMappings(): array
      return [
          'id' => MappingTypes::KEYWORD,
          'name' => MappingTypes::TEXT_WITH_KEYWORD,
          'is_verified' => MappingTypes::BOOLEAN,
          'email' => MappingTypes::textWithAnalyzer('fulltext'),
          'created_at' => MappingTypes::DATE,
          'updated_at' => MappingTypes::DATE,
          'deleted_at' => MappingTypes::DATE,
    • Implement settings for custom index settings
    protected function settings(): array
      // Add support for partial text search
      return [
          'index' => [
              'analysis' => [
                  'filter' => [
                      'fulltext_filter' => [
                          // Always from start of beginning of each token
                          'type' => 'edge_ngram',
                          'min_gram' => 3,
                          'max_gram' => 20,
                  'analyzer' => [
                      'fulltext' => [
                          'type' => 'custom',
                          'tokenizer' => 'standard',
                          'filter' => ['lowercase', 'fulltext_filter'],
  2. Create or update lelastico.php config with indices classes.

    return [
        'indices' => [
  3. Update or create indices in elastic (stores settings / mapping) using php artisan elastic:indices

    Updates the elastic indices
            --only="only", handle only given index
            --f, will delete the index and data. Will new index with mappings
            --d, will delete the index and data
            --skip-settings-update, when upadting, the index is closed / opened due the settings update. You can skip it
            by provided this option.


By default we are sorting by _id after any HasSorting logic to ensure that pagination is correct.

You can turn this feature by using $builder->setSortById(false);

To enable sortable behavior add HasSorting trait to your instance of AbstractBuilder and implement method allowedSortFields.

 * Allowed fields for sorting.
 * Key is the name of the field in the query.
 * Value is the name of the field in the index.
 * @return array
public function allowedSortFields(): array
    return [
        'goals' => 'goals_count',
        'minutes' => 'played_minutes',

With sorting enabled you can sort the results using sort request query parameter. This parameter accepts list of fields for sorting in format {field_name}:{sort_direction}.

Available directions for sorting are asc and desc and if not specified the default sort direction is set to asc.





  • log_measurement Logs every query to log (default false). You can use ELASTICSEARCH_LOG_MEASUREMENT env.
  • log_debug Debug logs every query data to a log (true in local environment). You can use ELASTICSEARCH_LOG_DEBUG env.
  • service Enables to change available indices (implement IndicesServiceContract or extend IndicesService)
  • prefix Used prefix for index names - uses APP_NAME and replace '-' to '_', converts name to slug variant.
  • hosts A list of IPS for your elastic search - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/php-api/current/configuration.html. Use ; separator. Default localhost:9200.


  • improve documentation
  • add make console.


Can be found in releases.

Contribution or extending

See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to contribute changes. All contributions are welcome.


This library was created and improved thanks to clients projects.

Copyright and License

laravel-elastico was written by Martin Kluska and is released under the MIT License.

Copyright (c) 2020 Martin Kluska