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Cache Management Selective is an extension for Magento2 which extends cache management with option to selectively flush invalidated cache.

In default Magento2 cache management admin page we are unable to easily flush only invalidated cache. To do such operation we have to select in the grid cache types which are invalidated and execute refresh action for them. It is worth to remind that this option is unavailable when Magento2 is running in production mode.

This extension introduces new button in cache management admin page top toolbar section called "Flush Invalidated Cache", which also became a primary button. Whenever cache become invalidated Magento displays a message informing about that, extension will append a link to this message using which you will be able to quickly flush invalidated cache with out navigating to cache management page.

Extension offers also a CLI command:

bin/magento pierzakp:cache:flush-invalidated

It is a simple extension, especially great for merchants!

It includes PHPUnit tests coverage.


Flush invalidated cache button:

Flush invalidated cache button

Flush invalidated cache quick link: Flush invalidated cache button

CLI command example result: CLI command example result


Composer install:

composer require pierzakp/magento2-cache-management-selective

Please remember to enable the extension:

bin/magento module:enable Pierzakp_CacheManagementSelective

Questions or ideas?

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