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Calculates the next, first Friday of the month.

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Convinience library for calculating the first Friday of a month.

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Install with Composer

composer require phx2600/firstfriday


First, import FirstFriday:

use PHX2600/FirstFriday;

Then instantiate the class:

$firstFriday = new FirstFriday($timezone);

Where $timezone is a String representation of a timezone to be used for date calculations. For example America/Phoenix, Antarctica/Troll or UTC. See for a full list of available timezones.

Once your class is instantiated you can get the next first Friday of the month via the next() method:

$nextFirstFriday = $firstFriday->next();

or the previous first Friday via the previous() method:

$previousFirstFriday = $firstfriday->previous();

Both the next() and the previous() methods return an instance of Carbon. This makes date calculations and returning specific date information easy. For example:

Return a pre-formatted date string:

$nextFirstFriday->toDateString();           // 1975-12-25
$nextFirstFriday->toFormattedDateString();  // Dec 25, 1975
$nextFirstFriday->toDateTimeString();       // 1975-12-25 14:15:16
$nextFirstFriday->toDayDateTimeString();    // Thu, Dec 25, 1975 2:15 PM

Return a custom formatted string:

$nextFirstFriday->format('l jS \\of F Y h:i:s A');  // Thursday 25th of December 1975 02:15:16 PM

Get the time until the next first Friday in human a human readable format:

$nextFirstFriday->diffForHumans();  // Something like '1 week from now' or '1 month from now'

Cabon also provides a number of convinient comparison functions, for example:

// The following return boolean true or false

See the Carbon documentation for more details.

You may also override the value used as "today" in the date calculations. This will allow you to make calculations as if today were another day. This can be accomplished by passing an instance of Carbon as the second parameter when instantiating the FirstFriday class:

$today = Carbon::create(2017, 7, 1, 0, 0, 0, 'America/Phoenix');
$firstFriday = new FirstFriday('America/Phoenix', $today);

or fluently:

$firstFriday = new FirstFriday('America/Phoenix');
$today = Carbon::create(2017, 7, 1, 0, 0, 0, 'America/Phoenix');


NOTE: Be sure to set the timezone of the $today parameter to the same timezone passed to the $timezone argument of the FirstFriday class to ensure consistency in date calculations. Failing to do so may cause unexpected results.


Please report bugs to the GitHub Issue Tracker.


This project is liscensed under the MIT License.