PHP implementation of the bitcoind JSON-RPC API

v0.1.0-alpha 2013-07-06 11:27 UTC


This is (or will be) a full-blown implementation of the bitcoind JSON-RPC API written in PHP. Please be aware that this is still early alpha! Not all features are implemented yet and the interfaces are not stable. Anyways ... the basic features should already work as expected ;-)


It's easy if you use composer!

edit your composer.json

"require": {
    "phramz/php-bitcoin-api": "dev-master"

or via command line

php composer.phar require phramz/php-bitcoin-api


This library is licensed under the MIT license. For further information see LICENSE file.



use Phramz\Bitcoin\Api\Connection\BuzzConnection;
use Phramz\Bitcoin\Api\BitcoindClient;
use Buzz\Browser;

// setup a connection
$connection = new BuzzConnection(new Browser(), '', '8333', 'username123', 'password123');

// setup the client
$bitcoinClient = new BitcoindClient($connection);

echo "current balance:  " . $bitcoinClient->getBalance() . PHP_EOL;
echo "number of blocks: " . $bitcoinClient->getBlockCount() . PHP_EOL;

That's it! I hope this peace of software will be helpful! ... if you think it is ... feel free to donate some of your Bitcoins to keep the development going ;-)

echo "transaction id: ". $bitcoinClient->sendToAddress('1JGNmDQVjk7T4S1pcvdDsPJsFuQuZcMDe8', 0.01, 'donation');

Have fun!