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Common interfaces and classes

1.1.1 2014-06-23 13:38 UTC


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Enum (PHPExtra\Type\Enum)

Create your first enum type by creating a new class:

class TheGuy extends AbstractEnum
    const _default = self::NICE_GUY;
    const SMART_GUY = 'Mike';
    const NICE_GUY = 'Rick';

Thats all.

Now you can use it:

$guy = new TheGuy();
echo $guy->getValue(); // returns Rick

$mike = new TheGuy(TheGuy::MIKE);
echo $mike->getValue(); // returns Mike

echo $guy->equals($mike); // returns false

If no default value will be specified, you must set it as a constructor argument. If given constructor value will be invalid, \UnexpectedValueException will be thrown.

Collection (PHPExtra\Type\Collection)

Collections solve few things by implementing following interfaces: \Countable, \ArrayAccess, \Iterator, and \SortableInterface. This gives you an ability to count() collection, use a foreach on it, access it like an array $a[1] and sort its contents $a->sort($sorter). Apart from regular collections there are also LazyCollection's that allow you to specify a closure that will initialize collection contents only if and when it's needed.

Create your first collection:

$collection = new Collection();


Use it:

echo count($collection); // returns 3
echo $collection[0]; // returns "item1"
echo $collection->slice(1, 2); // returns Collection with a length of 2 containing item2 and item3.
echo $collection->filter(function($element, $offset){ return $offset % 2 == 0; }); // returns sub-collection with all elements with even offset number
$collection->sort(SorterInterface $sorter); // sorts collection

Lazy collection example:

$lazy = new LazyCollection(function(){
    return new Collection(array(1, 2, 3));

echo $lazy[2]; // initializes the closure and returns "3"

UnknownType (PHPExtra\Type\UnknownType)

It should not happen but sometimes does - you have a method with many different response types, but want to handle it like a pro:

$messedUpResponse = $api->getMeSomeChickens(); // returns "Chicken" **or** "Collection" **of** "Chickens" **or** "no" as an error response :-)

$result = new UnknownType($messedUpResponse);

    throw $result->getAsException();

UnknownType can be extended and customized :-)

Paginator (PHPExtra\Paginator)

Paginator is fully compatible with CollectionInterface. It's task is to split large collections into pages.

$page = 2;
$itemsPerPage = 10;
$products = new Collection(...);
$paginator = new Paginator($products, $page, $itemsPerPage);

echo $paginator->getPage(); // returns a collection with size of 10 for current page
echo $paginator->getNextPageNumber(); // returns "3"
echo $paginator->hasNextPage(); // returns bool true or false



  • added CollectionInterface::exists(Closure $c) method to Collection
  • removed Serializable interface from Collection
  • added Serializable interface to LazyCollection
  • added deprecation mark to LazyCollection which will became final in 1.3
  • added CollectionProxy class
  • added CollectionInterface::sort(SorterInterface $sorter) for collections
  • added EnumInterface::equals(EnumInterface $enum) for enums
  • added UnknownType::isSortable() for unknown type
  • re-worked Enum type:
    • added deprecation mark to Enum class as it will be changed to abstract in 1.3
    • added default value for enums
    • AbstractEnum::isValid($val) is now static
    • added AbstractEnum:equals(EnumInterface $enum)
  • updated README


  • Collection::current() now returns null on empty collection


  • added PaginatorInterface
  • added default, optional, value holders for page number getters
  • added Collection::forAll(Closure $c) method in collections

1.0.3 (cannot be downgraded)

  • changed paginator behaviour - will return closest matching page ig page number is out of range or empty collection
  • added getters for last page and its number

1.0.2 (cannot be downgraded)

  • fixed paginator page hasser that returned false positives
  • fixed slice() to not use array_slice on Collections
  • paginator changes; added hassers and getters for pages, toString method (returns current page number), changed constructor

1.0.1 (cannot be downgraded)

  • added paginator that can handle large collections and split them between pages of given length
  • reset internal pointer after filter() in collections
  • added first() and last() method in collections
  • fixed exception message in UnknownType for getAsCollection() method


First release

Installation (Composer)

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Running tests

// Windows
composer install & call ./vendor/bin/phpunit.bat ./tests


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