Migrations for PHPCR

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Migrations library for PHPCR influenced by Doctrine migrations.

For integration with Symfony see the PHPCR Migrations Bundle.



use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\NullOutput;
use PHPCR\Migrations\VersionStorage;
use PHPCR\Migrations\VersionFinder;
use PHPCR\Migrations\Migrator;

$storage = new VersionStorage($phpcrSession);
$finder = new VersionFinder(['/path/to/migrations']);

$versions = $finder->getVersionCollection();
$migrator = new Migrator($session, $versionCollection, $storage);

$to = '201504241744';
$output = new NullOutput();
$migrator->migrate($to, $output);

You may also create a factory class (useful when you use dependency injection):


$factory = new MigratorFactory($storage, $finder, $session);
$migrator = $factory->getMigrator();


When you install a project for the first time you need to initialize the versions:



This should be part of your build process and it will add all the versions to the migration version node in the content repository.


$migrator->migrate('201501011200', $output); // migrate to a specific version
$migrator->migrate('up', $output); // migrate up a version
$migrator->migrate('down', $output); // migrate down a version
$migrator->migrate('top', $output); // migrate to the latest version
$migrator->migrate('bottom', $output); // revert all versions

Listing versions

You can access information about available versions from the VersionCollection object:


Determining the current version

You can determine the current version from the VersionStorage object:


Version classes

Version classes contain up and down methods. The class is quite simple:


use PHPCR\Migrations\VersionInterface;

class Version201504241200 implements VersionInterface
    public function up(SessionInterface $session)

    public function down(SessionInterface $session)

They must be named VersionYYYMMDDHHMM. If they are not so named, then they will not be detected.

The down method should revert any changes made in the up method. Always check that revcerting your migration works.