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Standalone Language Server and Phpactor Extension

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Psalm Language Server and Phpactor Extension.

Provides Language Server diagnostics from Psalm.


Phpactor Extension

If you are using the Phpactor Language Server

$ phpactor extension:install "phpactor/language-server-psalm-extension"


Manually install it:

$ git clone some/path
$ cd language-server-psalm-extension
$ composer install

The process of enabling the server with your client will vary. If you are using VIM and CoC it will look something like (:CocConfig):

    "languageserver": {
        "psalm": {
            "enable": true,
            "command": "/some/path/bin/psalm-ls",
            "args": ["language-server"],
            "filetypes": ["php"]


  • language_server_psalm.bin: Relative or absolute path to Psalm. Default is '%project_root%/vendor/bin/psalm'