Langauge Server Protocol for PHP (transpiled)

3.17.3 2023-03-11 13:19 UTC



This package transpiles the vscode-language-server-protocol library to PHP, providing the protocol classes required to create Language Server with PHP.

Notes on using the library

Most (if not all) of the upstream Typescript types have no constructors, therefore the argument order of the constructors can change on every release.

It is therefore strongly recommended to use named arguments.


Generating the code:

  • npm run generate: Build and transpile
  • npm run watch: Watch and compile on Typescript changes.

Running the PHP tests:

  • composer integrate



This library will use the type information form typescript to generate fromArray static constructors for each type:

$item = CompletionItem::fromArray([
    'label' => 'Foobar',
    'kind' => 1,
    'detail' => 'This is foobar',
    'documentation' => [
        'kind' => 'markdown',
        'value' => 'Foobar',
    'additionalTextEdits' => [
            'range' => [
                'start' => [
                    'line' => 5,
                    'character' => 10,
                'end' => [
                    'line' => 10,
                    'character' => 10,
            'newText' => 'Foobar',
    'command' => [
        'title' => 'Foobar',
        'command' => 'my.command',

Will return a fully hydrated completion item with concrete sub-types.

NOTE: that when deserializing from a language server client request, it is probably a good idea to ignore additional parameters (the second argument to fromArray). This is because it is perfectly valid to pass unknown properties to some of the LSP objects.


Properties in classes are public to enable JSON serialization. Call json_encode($lspObject) to get the valid LSP JSON object.


This package is open source and welcomes contributions! Feel free to open a pull request on this repository.


  • Create an issue on the main Phpactor repository.
  • Join the #phpactor channel on the Slack Symfony Devs channel.