Library for moving classes

0.1.2 2020-03-01 14:55 UTC


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This is a library dedicated to refactoring class locations.

It takes care of:

  • Finding references to a class: Find all references to a class (or classes).
  • Finding references to class methods: Find references to a class method, or all method calls on a class, or all method calls ever.
  • Replacing references to the class: Update any references in the code (using a given method, e.g. all under a path or all files in the git repo).
  • Modifying use statements: update any use statements for the replaced class.
  • Adding use cases: where necessary.


When using an editor such as VIM, one of the biggest issues I face is moving classes and replacing their references - it is such a big issue for me that I rarely do it.

Current approaches involve git moving the class, then running a for loop in bash over a set of files and applying perl replace to them, piping the output of that to a temporary file and then moving that temporary file to overwrite the old one. And that doesn't always work well.

This package aims to provide a solid way of doing this, and can, for example, be packaged in an


$targetClass = 'Acme\Blog\Post';
$replacementClass = 'Acme\Blog\Article';
$sourceCode = file_get_contents('SomeSource.php');

$classMover = new ClassMover();

$source = $classMover->replaceReferences(
    $classMover->findReferences($sourceCode, $targetClass)

echo (string) $source;