Converts your translation files to Xliff

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Don't you hate all the different translations formats? Are you stuck with JMSTranslatorBundle? If so, this is the tool for you!

This little tool can convert your translation files from one format to the excellent XLIFF 2.0. A perfect use case is when you migrating from JMSTranslatorBundle to PHP-translation.


composer require php-translation/converter


Just run the command like below:

# Example
./vendor/bin/translation-converter translation:convert [input_dir] [output_dir] [format]

# Convert from JMSTranslationBundle
./vendor/bin/translation-converter translation:convert app/Resources/translations app/Resources/translations-new --format=jms

# Convert from Yaml
./vendor/bin/translation-converter translation:convert app/Resources/translations app/Resources/translations-new --format=yml


Read our documentation at


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