Laravel Photos module

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dev-master / 1.0.x-dev 2015-12-28 08:39 UTC

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1. Installation

Install via composer - edit your composer.json to require the package.

"require": {
    // ...
    "php-soft/laravel-photos": "dev-master",

Then run composer update in your terminal to pull it in. Once this has finished, you will need to add the service provider to the providers array in your app.php config as follows:

'providers' => [
    // ...
    JD\Cloudder\CloudderServiceProvider::class, // use for cloudinary driver

Next, also in the app.php config file, under the aliases array, you may want to add facades.

'aliases' => [
    // ...
    'Photo' => PhpSoft\Photos\Facades\Photo::class,

You will want to publish the config using the following command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="PhpSoft\Photos\Providers\PhotosServiceProvider"

# if use cloudinary driver, you need publish cloudder config as follows
$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="JD\Cloudder\CloudderServiceProvider"

You can custom configurations in the config files!

2. Usage

Add routes in app/Http/routes.php

Route::post('/photos', '\PhpSoft\Photos\Controllers\PhotosController@upload');