Mock built-in PHP functions (e.g. time()) with Mockery. This package relies on PHP's namespace fallback policy. No further extension is needed.

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Mock PHP built-in functions with Mockery

This package integrates the function mock library PHP-Mock with Mockery.


Use Composer:

composer require --dev php-mock/php-mock-mockery


PHPMockery::mock() let's you build a function mock which can be equiped with Mockery's expectations. After your test you'll have to disable all created function mocks by calling Mockery::close().


namespace foo;

use phpmock\mockery\PHPMockery;

$mock = PHPMockery::mock(__NAMESPACE__, "time")->andReturn(3);
assert (3 == time());



This library comes with the same restrictions as the underlying php-mock:

  • Only unqualified function calls in a namespace context can be mocked. E.g. a call for time() in the namespace foo is mockable, a call for \time() is not.

  • The mock has to be defined before the first call to the unqualified function in the tested class. This is documented in Bug #68541. In most cases you can ignore this restriction. But if you happen to run into this issue you can call PHPMockery::define() before that first call. This would define a side effectless namespaced function.

License and authors

This project is free and under the WTFPL. Responsable for this project is Markus Malkusch


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