Silex service provider to handle PHP errors, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely in Google Chrome

1.0.1 2014-02-04 19:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-29 03:21:04 UTC


PHP Console allows you to handle PHP errors & exceptions, dump variables, execute PHP code remotely and many other things using Google Chrome extension PHP Console and PhpConsole server library.

This packages integrates PHP Console server library with Silex as configurable service provider.


  1. Install Google Chrome extension PHP Console.
  2. Add "php-console/silex-service-provider": "1.*" package in Silex project composer.json and run composer update.


To handle errors occurred on Silex initialization PhpConsole service provider should be initialized right after Silex\Application:

$app = new Silex\Application();

// All settings are optional, so you can remove any key in this array
$app['php-console.settings'] = array(
  'sourcesBasePath' => dirname(__DIR__),
  'serverEncoding' => null,
  'headersLimit' => null,
  'password' => null,
  'enableSslOnlyMode' => false,
  'ipMasks' => array(),
  'isEvalEnabled' => false,
  'dumperLevelLimit' => 5,
  'dumperItemsCountLimit' => 100,
  'dumperItemSizeLimit' => 5000,
  'dumperDumpSizeLimit' => 500000,
  'dumperDetectCallbacks' => true,
  'detectDumpTraceAndSource' => false,

$app->register(new PhpConsole\Silex\ServiceProvider($app,
new \PhpConsole\Storage\File(sys_get_temp_dir() . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '') // any writable path

See PhpConsole\Silex\ServiceProvider for detailed settings description.


When PhpConsole service provider is registered all errors and exceptions will be handled automatically.

Now you can debug vars using PhpConsole global helper class PC:

PC::debug($var, 'tags');

Also you can extended Silex\Application class with use PhpConsole\Silex\ApplicationHelperTrait and debug using:

$app->pc($var, 'tags');