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PHP Composter regular expression checks.

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PHP Composter regular expression checks.

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This Composer package will check your commit messages to make sure they match a set of regular expression rules.

This is a PHP Composter Action.

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First, you need to add the package as a development requirement to your composer.json:

composer require --dev php-composter/php-composter-regular-expression

Then, you need to add the regular expressions you want to check for. As an example, the following expression will ensure that commit message subject lines start with one of the following words: feature, bug, documentation, style:

"extra": {
  "php-composter-regular-expression": {
    "commit-message": {
      "subject": {
        "has": "^(feature|bug|documentation|style):"

Basic Usage

It should just work when you git commit.

Composer Extra Reference

The Composer extra entry takes the following format:

"extra": {
  "php-composter-regular-expression": {
    "<hook to check the regular expression on>": {
      "<content element to check>": {
        "<rule>": "<regular expression>"

Each hook can contain multiple content elements to check, and each content element can contain multiple rules.

The regular expression will be wrapped in special delimiter chars (chr(1)), so you don't need to include these.

Supported hooks


Check the commit message after it has been submitted.

Supported content elements

For the commit-message hook


Subject line of the commit message, meaning the very first line of the commit message up until the first EOL character.


Body of the commit message, meaning everything after the first EOL character.

Supported rules


Passes the check if the regular expression results in one or more matches.


Passes the check if the regular expression results in no matches.


All feedback / bug reports / pull requests are welcome.