The PSR-3 compliant PHP logging library.

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See new lib at phoole/logger


Phossa-logger is a PSR-3 compliant logging library. It is a rewrite of Monolog with lots of changes.

More information about PSR-3


Install via the composer utility.

composer require "phossa/phossa-logger=1.*"

or add the following lines to your composer.json

    "require": {
       "phossa/phossa-logger": "^1.0.5"


  • Simple usage

    // logger with id 'mylogger'
    $logger = new \Phossa\Logger\Logger('mylogger');
    // a notice
    $logger->notice('a notice from code');
    // a warning
    $logger->warning('a warning from code');


  • Decorator: used to modify the $logEntry in some way.

    • Implements the __invoke() method, makes decorator a callable

      class InterpolateDecorator extends DecoratorAbstract
          public function __invoke(LogEntryInterface $log)
              // ...
    • User-defined functions can also be used as decorator

          new Decorator/InterpolateDecorator(),
          function ($logEntry) {
              // ...
    • Decorator implements DecoratorInterface can be disabled at runtime

      $inter = new Decorator/InterpolateDecorator();
      // ...
      // disble the InterpolateDecorator at runtime
  • Handler: distribute log entry to different devices. Multiple handlers can be set at the same time.

    // create a logger with channel 'MyLogger'
    $logger  = new Logger('MyLogger');
    // syslog handler with ident set to 'MyLogger'
    $syslog  = new Handler\SyslogerHandler($logger->getChannel());
    // console handler with output to stderr
    $console = new Handler\TerminalHandler();
    // add handlers
    // ...
     // at some point, stop console logging
  • Formatter: turn log entry object into string. A formatter is bound to a specific handler.

    // console handler with output to stderr
    $console = new Handler\TerminalHandler();
    // set AnsiFormatter
    $console->setFormatter(new Formatter\AnsiFormatter());
  • Handler/Decorator/Formatter all enforce '__invoke()' in the their interface, which makes them callable.

  • User may use all sorts of callable as handler, decorator or formatter.

    // handler
    $syslog = new SyslogHandler();
    // set a anonymous function as a formatter
        function ($log) {
            // ...
            return $string;
    // adding different handlers
        function ($log) {
            // convert $log to string and send to a log device
            // ...
  • LogEntryInterface for log entry (or call it message). It is now possible to extend LogEntry and use a factory closure to create log entry.

    $logger = new Logger('MyLogger', [], [],
        function ($level, $message, $context) {
            return new MyLogEntry($level, $message, $context);
  • Support PHP 5.4+, PHP 7.0+, HHVM

  • PHP7 ready for return type declarations and argument type declarations.

  • PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR-3, PSR-4 compliant.


  • PHP >= 5.4.0
  • phossa/phossa-shared >= 1.0.3
  • psr/log


MIT License