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Model class generator for Phormium.

ModGen generates classes which extend Phormium\Model from existing database tables. Currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Informix.

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The simplest way to use ModGen is to download the latest version as a PHAR archive from the releases page on GitHub.

You can now run ModGen:

php modgen.phar

This is abbreviated to modgen in the usage examples.


You can also install from Packagist using using Composer.

Create a file called composer.json with the following contents:

    "require": {
        "phormium/modgen": "0.*"

Download composer and run:

php composer.phar install

The script for running modgen will be vendor/bin/modgen for *nix and Mac and vendor\bin\modgen.bat for Windows users. This is abbreviated to modgen in the usage examples.

Creating the PHAR

To compile ModGen into a PHAR, clone the project from GitHub:

git clone

Install the dependencies using Composer:

php composer.phar install

Run the compilation script:

php bin\compile

modgen.phar will be generated in your working directory.


Before starting, you need to have a Phormium configuration file which defines the database from which you want to generate models. If a config file is not specified, modgen will look for a file named "config.json" in the working directory.

Generate models for all tables in a database:

modgen generate [options] <database>

Generate models for specified tables in a database:

modgen generate [options] <database> [table1] ... [tableN]


  • --config - Path to the config file. (default: "config.json")
  • --target - Target folder where the model will be generated (defaults to current working directory)
  • --namespace - The PHP namespace used for the model classes. (default: "")
  • --help (-h) - Display the help message.


Generate models for all tables in backoffice database, using namespace Foo\Bar:

modgen generate --namespace=Foo\\Bar backoffice

Generate models for tables person and invoice in the backoffice database, without a namespace:

modgen generate backoffice person invoice


Licensed under the MIT license. See