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Php Adaptive Microframework


Pam is a PHP microframework based on the MVC architecture.

Pam is very easy to use & very light to implement.

The model part can be used for all CRUD actions & does not need to be overloaded for basic actions.

Access to the database is obviously managed by the Database part, via the PDO class.

The View part uses the Twig template engine, so it's possible to use variables, functions, filters, etc.

The Controller part inherits the essential methods of the MainController & the FrontController structures the input of the application.

The sessions are managed by Pam for user connection actions & for user alert actions, all with filters

All superglobals are managed by the GlobalsController with filters too.

The service part is managed by the ServiceController.


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Composer : composer require devsagency/pam


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The project contains :

  • config folder => example of configuration file params.php
  • core folder => MVC source code : Model - View - Controller
  • public folder => example of entry point index.php

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Pam is wrote with PHP

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Pam has NO continuous support !

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Code released under the MIT License

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